james beard’s onion &
butter sandwich
– 7 USD
butter, onions, parsley & grey salt

hot & sour indian spiced fries – 11 USD
cilantro-raita aioli,  house curry ketchup & sumac ranch

shrimp toast — 13 USD
herbs. daikon salad & ginger-sweet soy sesame sauce

who the fuck is david chang? — 14 USD
pork belly, korean chili flake, ginger, basil, lime leaf,
crab paste, sambal, black vinegar, steamed bun

expat katsu sando — 14 USD

japanese pan bread, fried pork loin, cabbage,

chinese hot mustard, kewpie




 salad days

laotian tacos — 13 USD
toasted coconut, tuna belly, nectarine, lime, chili, dried shrimp, candied peanuts, fish sauce

chinese broccoli — 13 USD
thai pork dipping sauce, toast points, accoutrements

burmese tea leaf, green cabbage
& cherry tomato
– 14 USD
hard to find tea leaves, vegetable & crunchy fried things

Crispy Brussels sprouts — 14 USD
roasted butternut squash, napa cabbage, candied peanuts,
toasted rice & szechuan vinaigrette






american standard — 15 USD
2 burger plate consisting of 1/4 pound all-beef patties cooked medium rare, american cheese, heinz ketchup, french’s
mustard, raw onion, soft bun

RICE waffle & hot fried
chicken strips
— 16 USD
heirloom carolina rice flour, chili butter, local honey
burmese coconut noodles — 18 USD
wonton noodles, curry, chicken, hot chili & ramen egg






Between 5-6 pm and After 10pm only

expatriate nacho — 15 USD
fried wonton chips, thai chili cheese sauce, spicy lemongrass beef, crema, kaffir lime & tomato salsa, herbs