Five o'clock in the afternoon until midnight, 8 days a week.



We opened on July 11th 2013. 

Expatriate is all about balanced cocktails, flavorful snacks, and good music.

We do not accept reservations.

klw@expatriatepdx.com is your source for additional information.


About our interior

Matthew Peterson has been a constant and highly involved collaborator in the physical realization of Expatriate. He built the bar, booths, hanging lamps, and the tent that graced our entrance in the winter of 2013-2014, and continues to help us refine and perfect the space. A craftsman par excellence, he understands everything. You really ought to look at his website:



Expatriate is located at  

5424 NE 30th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97211

45˚ 33' 45.  /  -122˚ 38' 5.